Here is what our Student Ambassador alumni say about the program....

"MTSU Student Ambassadors gave me the opportunity to become a leader while providing an outlet to network and connect with alumni, donors, faculty and campus guests. Working as a Student Ambassador also gave me extra time to network within my specific field of study during various athletic events across campus. Simply put, it helped me get the most out of my time in college. Being selected as a MTSU Student Ambassador granted me rare access to the University I would not have found with any other student organization." - Jonathan Hutton '06, Sports Radio Host, "The Midday 180" on 104.5 The Zone in Nashville

"Becoming a Student Ambassador was one of the most beneficial and enjoyable experiences of my college years. It opened doors and presented opportunities to me that I would have never experienced without being a part of this program. Being involved in such a large and important piece of the MTSU community as the Alumni are, is a fun, exciting, and challenging experience that any student would grow from. Being a Student Ambassador was the first step in my transition from a student to a professional, and I have no doubt in my mind that the skills I gained from being an SA, helped guide and prepare me for being a student affairs professional. GO BLUE!!" - Mark Murphy '09 - Coordinator, MTSU New Student and Family Programs

"Being a Student Ambassador tends to open doors for you. In my case, it opened my eyes to how much I truly loved Middle Tennessee, and how much I wanted to invest in the University. The same sense of pride I felt in representing the student body to our alumni and guests I now feel in doing the same to prospective students and their families. From mingling with elected officials to driving the President around Walnut Grove during a tailgate, there is no better organization to be a part of if you really want to find out what it means to be True Blue." - Casey Brown '08, MTSU Admissions Counselor

"Being a student ambassador gave me the exposure to meet many of MTSU’s successful alumni, university administration, and helped me further my network.  It also provided me with an opportunity to advance my leadership skills.  I certainly would not be sitting where I am today without the growth obtained from the student ambassador program." - Paul Fulcher '05, Manager, Oil and Refined Products, Intercontinental Exchange

"Being a selected as a member of this elite organization is one of the greatest honors given to a student at MTSU.  Very few students get the ability to know the university's administrators and alumni in the manner that Student Ambassadors have while acting as official hosts at events.  The two years I served as a Student Ambassador provided me with leadership and networking skills that have been very beneficial in my career in student affairs.  I will forever be grateful for the opportunities I had in this organization."  - Gary Wiser '03, Educational Leadership Doctoral Candidate at WKU

"As a student ambassador, I was able to work with my future boss, Congressman Bart Gordon, and other distinguished alumni who I now call friends and can lean on for the best professional advice. The attachment I feel to the university as an alumni because of great opportunities offered to me as a Student Ambassador and the precious memories I have as a student means MTSU will always be my home." - Amy Taylor Lowdermilk '06

"During my collegiate career I was involved in many different areas of campus and being selected as a Student Ambassador was one of the greatest honors I received.  It presented me with many opportunities to work and network with MTSU administration and alumni.  It honed my communication skills as well as redefined my passion for MTSU as a then student.  Seeing how proud the alumni were, the support they showed the University and the interest they took in me reconfirmed that I would soon be a graduate of the best university in Tennessee." - Rob Patterson '01, '03, Assistant Director of MTSU Admissions

"Throughout my undergraduate years at MTSU, I was involved in many areas of campus and various student organizations. However, as a Student Ambassador from 2010-2012, I learned about a completely different side of campus...that of alumni, donors, and friends of the university. Through this experience, I directly witnessed how these key stakeholders impacted the university I love. My time as a Student Ambassador also allowed me to experience a unique opportunity within the university's Office of Development and, as a result, I am now pursuing a career I love." -    Trisha Thompson

"Being an MTSU Student Ambassador opened so many doors for me both professionally and personally.  Gone are the days of the shy girl from out-of-state; after my time as a student ambassador, I had gained confidence in myself and my abilities. I was able to meet those who support our University such as employees and staff as well as those who donate their time and funds to keep MTSU True Blue! It was an honor and a privilege to have worn the blue suit for such an amazing University. If you want the opportunity to represent your University, don't hesitate to apply to be an official host of MTSU."  - Dana Lalevee '10, Music Performance ID Researcher, Broadcast Music, Inc.

"My name is Amanda Newman Samsel and I am an alumna of MTSU. I graduated with my B.S. in 2004 and my M.Ed. in 2006. While an undergrad, I had the privilege of being an MTSU Student Ambassador for the 2002-2003 school year.  Serving as an Ambassador for the University opened many doors for me.  I worked countless events with numerous alumni and University officials and made connections that helped me long after I graduated.  My undergraduate degree was in Political Science and my first job out of college was working for an MTSU alumni- former Congressman Bart Gordon!  I would not have had the opportunity to work for the Congressman had it not been for the relationships I built during my time as an Ambassador.  Currently, I work for MTSU and being an Ambassador also helped me to forge relationships with university administrators, which ultimately aided me in getting my foot in the door here. The program is an amazing way to give back to your University while simultaneously connecting with alumni, prestigious faculty & staff members, and other college students.  It is a tight knit group that always felt like family to me. My college experience was significantly enhanced by being an Ambassador.  Not all college students can say that the President of their university knew them by name, but because of Student Ambassadors, Dr. McPhee has always known me by name! I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and am proud to be an alumna of MTSU! GO BLUE! " - Amanda Newman Samsel '04, '06, MTSU Judicial Affairs & Mediation Services

"I work for a Business Intelligence team as a Sr. Business Data Analyst.  My job involves meeting with leaders in our company and providing them with the data and insights they need to make strategic decisions and plans for our company. My experience as a student ambassador and in MTSU student leadership in general equipped me with the confidence I needed to be thrown into situations with leaders and present the best possible solutions to our business problems. Most of all, at MTSU, I learned about the power I had to continually re-invent myself. Putting yourself in stretch assignments and roles, be it a manager role at work or a student ambassador program, will always be the best way for you to learn, grow, and apply what you are reading in the books!" - Courtney Ledford '07

"My collegiate years at MTSU will always have a special place in my heart. What an amazing university with many amazing people - students and faculty alike. Representing Middle Tennessee as a Student Ambassador was no exception. I especially enjoyed the one-on-one interaction with the university's faculty, staff, students, supporters and visitors. A favorite Ambassador memory of mine was the day I had the opportunity to give the upcoming Dean of the College of Mass Communication his first tour of our campus! As a Mass Communication major, the experience was extra special knowing I played a small part in his first impression of our university and that he went on to become my college dean. My main proposition: Get Involved! You will get out of your experience what you put in to it. Cliche or not, it's true! If I could relive my campus involvement, I would and I wouldn't change a single thing! I am so proud to call Middle Tennessee my alma mater. True Blue!"  Jessica Heim '03, NYC

"Student Ambassadors helped me find my niche at MTSU. It allowed me to explore the many different worlds that MTSU offers and in doing so, I found out that I love this university for its cultural diversity, its history, and the school camaraderie. This organization made my experience at MTSU one that I will never forget." - Emily Lester ''10, '12, School Counselor/Photographer

"Becoming a student ambassador was a terrific experience and was easily one of the best decisions I made at MTSU. As a student, I had a great deal of pride in my University and being a ambassador was the best way for me to show my enthusiasm with prospective student, parents, alumni, and guests of the University. Being an ambassador certainly helped lay the foundation for my career working in University relations and fundraising. Looking back, I think what I enjoyed the most was surrounding myself with such a bright and talented group of young leaders. It isn’t surprising to learn of all the wonderful accomplishment both personally and professionally, my fellow ambassadors have accomplished. Something I would share with future ambassadors: Make sure you take advantage of every opportunity you have to meet someone new. It’s never too early to being networking with your alumni and you never know if you could be talking to your next boss, donor to the university, or visitor for the first time to campus."
John Festervand '04, Development Director, University of Mississippi

"Being selected to serve as a Student Ambassador was one of the greatest honors and experiences during my time at Middle Tennessee State University. I learned about the importance of professional networking with both distinguished alumni and accomplished peers. My experiences as a Student Ambassador helped me build my career beyond the classroom by training me for interviews and professional events. It was a privilege to wear the blue suit and to host university events, and I strongly encourage all students to make the most of their time at MTSU and get involved in the University community." -
Rachel Simes '09